Name: Luciano S. Rosado

Instrument(s): Trumpet

Favorite Artist/Group: Love ’em all!

Favorite Chart: Tim Davies’s PYTHAGATHA

About me: When [founding director] Doug Tidaback, John Hoagland, and I met in 1998 at Central Catholic High School to talk about putting together a big band, Doug thought one of two things would happen:

  1. Players would become too busy or bored and the band would fold after a short time, or players would appreciate the opportunity to keep the big band sound alive in the community and take time out of their busy schedules to ensure success.
  2. Many of the original players are no longer with the band, but Doug’s hope and belief that good, committed musicians would keep the band alive for many years so young musicians would get a chance to hear–and even play- with the HJO continues to be realized.

It is admirable how players keep coming from all over Central Illinois in a concerted effort to preserve and promote classic and contemporary big band music these many years after the HJO was just a dream.

Outside of gigging,  i enjoy time with grandkids, teaching, reading, and construction trades.