Meet the HJO Ambassadors of Belize!

While the core group of HJO does its thing in Central IL, HJO is proud to have a presence in the 2nd annual Belize International Jazz Festival from August 12th to August 21st. Our HJO Foundation consisting entirely of local volunteers helped to provide funds to send the following musicians to represent our sound at this event:

  • Dave Hoffman: Director, composer, trumpet and piano
  • Luciano Rosado: Trumpet, coordinator for the event
  • Nathan See: Alto/tenor sax
  • Randy Huberman: Baritone sax
  • Joseph Bell: Guitar
  • Michael Nellas: Bass
  • Jason Brannon: Drums

We wish these musicians well and are confident that they will make a strong mark at the event. We hope that next year we can raise enough funds to take the entire ensemble. Check out the official Pantagraph article for more insight on our mission.



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