That Was So “Suave!”

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Heartland Jazz Orchestra would like to extend gratitude to you, our donors, and event committee members for helping us bring the exciting Chuchito Valdés Afro-Cuban Quartet to Bloomington Illinois! If this was your first time seeing Chuchito Valdés live, then you were served a wonderful treat. This artist lives up to the hype, and occasionally blows it away! He plays with such skill, boldness and passion that he melted the piano on stage!

Actual piano after the show.
Actual piano after the show, or at least how we picture it.

There will be pictures of things that “actually” happened at the concert coming soon. You can help HJO bring more events like this to Central Illinois by becoming an official supporter of the HJO Foundation. You can also help keep music alive in our area by supporting other local groups and music education programs in our schools. Let’s make Central Illinois a hot-spot for quality musical entertainment!

We wish to extend a special “thank you” to our biggest sponsors State Farm Bank and Target. We also wish to thank the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts staff for flawless stage preparation and William Duncan of Cedar Hills Sound for audio setup and recording the concert.

Other thank you’s:

  • Interpreters: Juliet Lynd, Michelle Mancias, James J. Pancrazio, John Groves, Cuca Avila and Maura Toro Morn
  • Piano Tuning: Horine’s Pianos Plus – Dave Horine
  • Poster and Program Cover Design: Joe Horine
  • Photography: Ralph Weisheit
  • Pre-Concert Comments: Dr. Thomas (“Shab”) Wirtel

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