Student Discounts & Other Perks for September 20th!

Friends of HJO,

An opportunity to have a member of the Valdés family visit your town isn’t an everyday occurrence. We wish to help lower any barriers that could have you on the fence about whether it is worth the cash.

  • Perk #1: Student discounts – Ticket prices are $20 to $25 each. However, any student with a school ID or other proof of student enrollment will receive a discount of $5 on the ticket price. This will lower the cost to $15 and $20 respectively, depending on where you are seated.
  • Perk #2: Students receive a FREE copy of HJO’s Echoes of Ellington CD! This fantastic compilation of hits such as Cottontail, Take the “A” Train, Perdido, and much more is one of our earlier works, and still regarded as one of our best. It features several local artists within Central IL (some who are still with the band), and some unique instrumentation such as tuba, jazz violin, and miscellaneous percussion. It also features now-retired Illinois State University Professor of Saxophone and jazz ensembles director Jim Boitos, as well and the amazing Chicago jazz trumpeter, educator, and composer Orbert Davis as our guest artists.
  • Perk #3: Supporters of the HJO Foundation will receive a FREE copy of HJO’s Echoes of Ellington CD!You’re doing your part to keep the arts alive in Central Illinois. Here’s our gift back to you!

Your support will help HJO bring more events like this to Central Illinois. Purchase your ticket today  for our September 20th joint concert with the Chuchito Valdés Afro-Cuban Quartet at the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts, spread the word, and support the arts!

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